My ass and Chris Nieratko

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 23, 2012


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I have been friends with Chris Nieratko for quite some time now, and we have worked on a bunch of things together at this point. He “reviewed” some of my porn movies in his book Skinema.  By “review” I mean he basically used them to talk about his life, but he still mentioned the movies in some way or another. He also did a documentary piece on me for his web TV show, also called Skinema (he is obviously not very good at coming up with new names for projects he does) , and he is also a regular record reviewer (kind of) for BurningAngel . Me and him had a radio show for a few months on , a very small online radio station. We did the show for free, hoping that it would be good experience, and help the station take off but- somehow we managed to get fired from the job we did for free. The station told me to not be hurt- they just had to move in a different direction, I have been fired before and I have at this point in life fired people- so I know that is just a nicer way of saying “you’re fired.”I don’t really get it. I really loved the radio show and I think the 9 other people who listened to it liked it too!

In any case, this past weekend Chris and I had some adventures. He decided to put my ass in a skateboarding video he shot for I am not trying to sound gangster like, “he put my ass in this video” like, he literally shot skateboarder Elijah Berle skating with my ass kind of in the way. I think he did this to either piss people off at Vans, or he just wanted to show my ass to some skateboarders. Either way, I was fine with it. Hopefully he does not get fired from Vans the way we got fired from Moheak.

Anyways- here are some photos from the shoot so you kinda get it.

Chris is in the corner shooting my ass so you can’t see him.

Here is a really awesome shot from the camera- it’s actually kind of artsy ?

You know, I would follow Chris to the end of the earth, and I believe in every project he does- and I would happily get fired from anything, as long as I was getting fired with him. We are like the very un-dynamic duo. I know I am kind of a weirdo, and at times I feel alone in this world. It’s nice to know someone who is just as weird as I am- who also grew up in New Jersey . I am happy to have him in my life!


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