Exxxotica and a lot of Roast Beef

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 14, 2012


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Hey everyone!! Somehow I managed to come home from NJ with a Flu. I am not sure how! It sucks. I have basically been eating soup all day and drinking cold medicine. I did manage to escape the hurricane, and the weather was actually much nicer than your average day on the east coast in New Jersey in November… but somehow I got a bad cold. Oh well. Life could be a lot worse!

In any case, I did sign at the TITS booth to celebrate the launch of their BurningAngel Collaboration Tee shirts! You can find them on their website here if you want to take a look at them.

And here I am at the BurningAngel booth, wearing matching booty shorts with Phoenix and Bella Vendetta.

Annnnd here is me, Roggie, Kleio, Jessie Lee and Phoenix– all looking at different cameras in different directions.

Annnnd here is me , Kleio, Bellavendetta, Phoenix, and Severin Graves.

One of my biggest fans named Kevin came by and showed me his tattoo! Look at that. That is some dedication to who you jerk off to! I felt really special.

And I managed to eat lunch with Chrisk Nieratko at a place called Harrold’s that served an obscenely large sandwich. When they brought the order out, I thought they were joking. I had Chris hold up a fork next to the sandwich so you could really see how big this thing is. It really does not look like a sandwich a nice guy wearing a Morrissey tee shirt would eat- right?

I had a lot left over obviously, so I brought the leftovers to the convention for everyone at the booth. Yeah. That was me! I walked into a porn convention with a bag full of roast beef. It was extremely tacky. I was pretty sure Chris staged this entire lunch just so I could do that, and he could laugh about it.


Joanna Angel

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  1. SpookySpence said...

    Cincopa video hosting solution for your website. Another great product from Cincopa Send Files.

    The first pictures makes me want to eat your ass….just saying lol. Sorry you are sick! Feel better soon!

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