Vacaciones en México!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 16, 2012


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So, about a week ago I did something pretty wacky. I actually took a vacation! Yes. I spent like 3 days somewhere that had nothing to do with work. It’s something I have maybe done like 4 times in the past 6 years. I kind of cheated- I managed to find some WIFI and still did some basic stuff I needed to get done, however, I enjoyed a few days in Mexico drinking Tequila and eating the most amazing tacos on earth with someone I enjoy having sex with while cameras aren’t rolling.

I had never been to “real” Mexico before. You know what I mean. Cancun, Cabo san Lucas, Tijuana– that’s not really like for real Mexico. I actually spent time on this trip in cities where no one spoke a word of English, and it was actually quite refreshing. Everything was so beautiful and the people were so incredibly nice. The city of “Tequila” (that’s where I was) is a pretty short flight away from Los Angeles but the culture is just so incredibly different- I felt like I was billions of universes away.

In any case, here’s just a few photos I took while I was away. I probably should have taken more but… um, I tried to put my phone away as much as possible.

Here is the Jose Cuervo headquarters!

And here is where my favorite hot-sauce is made.

Here is a pretty bad ass mural.

Here is a cool Mexican statue making creepy eyes at me.

Here is me and a whole bunch of bad ass Day of the Dead decorations

Here I am at a Day of the Dead party- I did the best I could at doing my makeup with one black eye pencil and a Sharpie.

I found this Mexican Hello Kitty thing to be rather hysterical.

Um… I actually went to a gay bar one night in Mexico… and just across the street from the gay bar was a Taco place called “Tacos Gay” which I found to be one of the funniest things in the world. I’m probably going to use this in a movie somehow, somewhere.

Sorry, the photos I took didn’t really do the city justice- but I hope you found them entertaining.

And now I am back to my wacky life in good ole’ capitalist America. Maybe I should look into franchising a homo-erotic taco stand, in honor of gay marriage being legal in so many more places now! Right??


Joanna Angel

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