Red Dragons!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 30, 2012


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I made another visit to the Ellis show the other day. When I am there, I feel like we are all part of one odd dysfunctional radio family. I like it!

Here I am in the studio, with Jason Ellis in the background.

Here is a Red Dragons wooden thing I found there, and I asked if I could have it. I decided it would be a nice early birthday present for myself! No one in the studio seemed to mind so, it’s mine now. I’m going to hang it up in my guest bathroom, so everyone who comes over can always think about Jason Ellis when they pee.

The “bit” on the show entailed me getting a blindfolded lap-dance from everyone there, and I had to decide who it was who dry-humped me. Originally I thought I would kick ass at this game, but I actually guessed almost everyone wrong. Apparently you can not judge a man by their lap-dance.

The most um… interesting dance I received was from Kevin Kraft– he actually invested in a stripper thong and he rubbed his bare ass on my chest. I actually never knew Kevin that well. He is kind of awkward around me, so hopefully this broke some ice!

Annnnnd Here is me and Jason. We look very 90’s with my plaid flannel top and his Kurt Cobain shirt. We did not plan this! It just kinda happened.


Joanna Angel

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