More Behind The Scenes of Our Walking Dead Parody!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 27, 2012


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Happy post Christmas everyone!

I have a few more photos taken by the glorious Melissa Makeup ( showing off her amazing zombie makeup, and her ability to transform a bunch of regular sluts with tattoos into the cast of The Walking Dead.

This is me as Lori! See – I’m all dirty because it’s like, the Zombie apocalypse and all. And in the apocalypse, there is no pink hair dye left – so it all disappeared.

Looking Happy Like Lori!

I’m Looking super happy like Lori always does!

Kleio as Andrea!

Kleio as Andrea! She basically looks like her adorable self with longer hair. Thankfully, this was just a wig. Don’t worry!

Danny as Glenn!

Danny as Glenn!

Alright, I know some of you lame asses were offended by me turning someone non-Asian into someone Asian, but Danny is an important member of the BurningAngel family and I really wanted him in this movie – and he actually has a lot of similar features as Glenn and made the most sense to play him. Around election time, I aged Danny about 60 years and turned him into Joe Biden. In Evil Head, we gave him an 80’s looking wig. I was not doing this to make fun of anyone of any race – I did this because it was a parody. So all you over-sensitive PC people: calm down.

Skin as Michonne!

Skin Diamond as Michonne!

Michonne is by far the sexiest girl on Walking Dead, and Skin is one of the sexiest people I know. This all made sense.

Owen as Daryl

It’s Owen as Daryl!

Sierra as Sophia!

Sierra Cure as Sophia! This was pretty awesome and creepy!

Sierra as Zombie Sophia!

Sierra again as zombie Sophia! And Melissa smooching her cute Zombie face.

Wolf Hudson as Carl!

Wolf is Carl. He played my son! Bwahahahaha

Phoenix and Jessie Lee are sexy zombies!

Phoenix and Jessie Lee played some slutty zombies! Above photos by Melissa Makeup.


And the above photos here and sweet zombie makeup is by Andrea!  Andrea was another makeup artist on this shoot – it took more than one person to paint up all these zombies!! You may recognize some of those sexy zombies.

And here are a bunch of other random photos from set:

Around Set

Pictures from Jeff!

The shoot was exhausting, and adventurous and was by far the biggest production we have ever made. I am really proud of it and I can’t wait for you all to see it! I still have no idea what to call it. If you think of anything, tweet at me and let me know!


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