One Year In a Blog (lots of photos)

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 28, 2012


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I really can’t believe the year has gone by this fast. I feel like the year just started? The way time is flying is actually becoming creepy. I feel like I’m going to close my eyes and open them again and I will be like, 65 years old. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyways. What the fuck happened this year? I am going to leave out incredibly horrible things, like a psychopath shooting a bunch of kids in a school. Or another psychopath shooting a bunch of people who wanted to see the new Batman. Come to think of it, there were a whole bunch of really morbid and completely unnecessary mass shootings this year …. hopefully in 2013 there will be a lot less of that.

But on a brighter note, I did have a pretty good year! I shot a lot of great porn, and got to do some interesting shit. I’m pretty happy with my life. Things could be a little better, but they could also be a hell of a lot worse.

I started off the year losing a whole bunch of AVN awards – something like, 28 of them. Hey. You know what they say – (or does anyone actually say this?): you can’t lose a bunch of awards unless you get nominated for a bunch of awards? So in some way it was an honor.

I got to watch the Superbowl live, with Dave Navarro. Ironically, it was actually the only time I ever watched a football game in its entirety in my whole life.

Me and Dave Navarro

During Superbowl weekend I met someone I greatly admire – Billy Corgan.

Me and Billy Corgan

…. And someone I don’t admire at all. Guy Fieri.

Me and Guy

Jessie Lee and I got matching tattoos of coffee cups –

Coffee Core!

I won some awards at the Nightmoves awards show

Me and Lexi Belle!

I put various objects in my ass, and it looks to be holding up quite nicely!


I got a very cute dog from a shelter who I named Romona.


Zarrah fixed my TV by smoking marijuana.

Melissa did a lot of really cool makeup on set.

Kim Kane makeup

We finally shot Evil Head after talking about it for 7 years.

Evil Head

I got to see Refused.

I banged all the Presidential candidates and their running mates.

Political Gangbang!

I put Dana’s foot in my vagina.


I went to Mexico.


This guy came with me. He’s pretty sweet! =)


I jumped off the edge of the atmostphere and broadcast it live on the internet for the whole world to see! (I am just kidding. Felix Baumgartner did that. I just watched from my hot tub on the moon.)

On the Moon

I appeared on Dave Attel’s show – Dave’s Old Porn

Dave's Old Porn

And I ate some amazing soup dumplings in Flushing, Queens on Christmas – like a good Jewish girl!

Soup Dumplings!

From the moon, to New York City – I have conquered it all!

Happy New Year, everyone!


Joanna Angel

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