New Tattoos!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 10, 2013


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Alright! Well next week is the big porn convention, the AEE expo.  It’s very common for every girl going to this big porno extravaganza to spend a week buying a million new outfits to wear around Vegas and stuff- I myself got some new ink instead. It’s a new outfit that will never come off ! I actually got a whole lot of ink . It all together took about 10 hours, and I sat for 5 hours each night. It was incredibly fucking painful! I am amazed I actually got through it. I added some stuff around the tattoos on my back, so I look like I have more of a back piece rather than just a few back tattoos. I also have been extremely busy this week preparing for AVN/ AEE and couldn’t really find time to get tattooed during the day, so the two sessions took place between 11 pm and 5 am both last night and the night before. I traded in my sleep for some tattoo time!

The guy who did it is named Grant Cobb. I give him some real props for doing beautiful work, and sacrificing his sleep to get this all done!

Here was step one of one side of my back- (the outline)


After an all-night tattoo session, the left side was finished!


And then, the following night we did the right side!


And here it is all done!


Finished Tattoo

I also got some fancy nails. Grant did not do my nails …. an Asian woman in Burbank did. I don’t know her name but they look pretty cool!


Hopefully you will see this all in person next week =)

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Yeah. Man, my back hurts. Who wants to help me rub lotion on it!!!!


Joanna Angel

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