Happy Valentine’s Day!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 14, 2013


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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Look. Valentine’s Day is a pretty stupid holiday. We all know this. Don’t let it bug you if you’re spending this holiday alone… Hallmark and uh… whats that jewelery store’s name there’s lame ads for everywhere? Zales? Yeah that place… Hallmark and Zales combined make you feel shitty if you don’t have a huge romantic adventure planned. Lots of people spend Valentine’s Day alone – I’ve spent many Valentine’s days alone… And it’s really just another day and it’s going to be over tomorrow… And then St. Patrick’s Day will be just around the corner and that holiday is all about getting drunk which is way better than being in love!

Hopefully, this penis jizzing hearts will bring a smile to your face whether you are having a good day or not!

And if you’re in San Francisco or Los Angeles, you can spend Valentine’s day with either me or Jessie Lee and we are awesome


Joanna Angel

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