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posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 21, 2012


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Yesterday, I was a guest on Dave Attell‘s (@attell) show on Showtime called “Dave’s Old Porn” (@oldp0rn) along with BurningAngel girls Kleio and Roggie. It was awesome. Dave is an old Jewish comedian, who is extremely charming and a total asshole at the same time. I don’t really know how he pulls it off. He was the host of the AVN Awards this year, and I have seen him at a few porn industry functions – so him having a porno-related TV show makes sense. The show is fun – Dave basically watches a bunch of porn from the 70s and 80s and comments on it with a guest. Sometimes his guests are porn stars, and sometimes they are other various celebrities. Yesterday when I was done shooting, Judah Freelander came in to shoot an episode directly after me – and as a big fan of the show “30 Rock”, it was kind of exciting to cross paths with him for about 2 seconds. I walked out as he walked in, and we both gave each other like, a half smile.

Dave and I first watched various horror-themed pornos from the 70s (I was told that on this episode, Rob Zombie would also be appearing…however, he was not there when I was there) . I don’t remember the names of all of them, but they were pretty insane. Porn from the 70s was incredibly cheesy, with an excessive amount of “acting”, incredibly non-erotic camera angles (you could barely see penetration and there was a whole lot of man-ass) and a whole bunch of un-groomed genital hair – but I was still impressed. The budgets for porn movies was definitely higher back then; these movies were big productions with huge crews. If pornographers these days had the same budgets pornographers had in the 70s, I could only imagine the incredible shit that would be made. But alas! That is not the case. I will take my shaved vagina and make the best low-budget porno I can possibly make.

After the horror porn segment me, Kleio and Roggie all watched some school girl porn from the 80s. I absolutely love school girl porn, so it was cool to see the origins of it. I definitely came to the conclusion that school girl porn is timeless. The scenarios used in the movies we watched were pretty similar to the scenarios used in school girl porn today. It is a fact that it always was, and always will be, really hot to wear knee highs, a plaid skirt, get in trouble, go to detention, and fuck your teacher. Over the years, the skirts have just gotten shorter.

I think the episode airs sometime in September. Here are a few photos of us having fun in the greenroom of the Showtime studio:

Here we are on set:

And here we are with Dave – wearing “Dave’s Old Porn” hats!:

It was fun. I was happy to be part of the show.


Joanna Angel

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